Junk Journaling? What Is It?

Erin Newman

Ever wanted to try your hand at making your own junk journal, or maybe you’re not sure what a junk journal is exactly?

Junk journaling or art journaling involves taking existing books, papers, ephemera, and repurposing/altering them into a new artistic journal or book. This allows you to create something totally unique by combining different materials. Techniques involved include bookbinding to construct the base journal, as well as adding pockets, folios, signatures (groupings of pages), and decorative elements using the collected ephemera.

Ephemera refers to items like old letters, postcards, ticket stubs, paper bags, maps etc.basically interesting paper items that can be collaged and incorporated into the journal pages. The artistic process allows for a lot of self-expression by deciding how to arrange and embellish the journal components to make it personally meaningful. Finished junk journals can become a unique way to document thoughts, memories, and ideas, or just be artistic playthings in themselves.

If this type of artistic creativity interests you, SaddleBrooke Ranch resident Erin Newman will teach a beginning junk journaling class on Wednesday, June 19 in the CATC Art Room. The class will be held from 1 to 4 p.m. The cost of the class is $45. All materials will be provided, with a few exceptions. You must be a member of the Art Club to take the class. For more information on this class, please email Erin at [email protected], or if you’re an Art Club member, go to the Art Club GroupWorks page for additional information.