Hole-in-One: Marge Rodgers Celebrates an Ace

Debbie Ferguson

Congratulations to Marge Rodgers on her hole-in-one! This rookie reporter is here to give you the facts. It was a SaddleBrooke Ranch Women’s Golf Association (SBRWGA) league day, on Aug. 15. The hole was number 14. The spectators, also known as her foursome, were Alex Anna, Terri Movius, and Charlotte Graham. The spectators had all hit their tee shots and not one ball, on this day, landed on the green. Golf fans, this was highly unusual for this group of golfers. Marge, hitting fourth, took aim at the blue flag and completed her smooth swing that launched her ball high in the air. Once it successfully landed on the green, everyone proceeded to walk to their carts. Marge believed her ball would continue to the back of the green and most likely roll off the back. The foursome, keeping pace of play in mind, jumped in their carts and drove to the green.

Once at the green, the ladies each went to their respective balls. Marge started searching behind the green, then proceeded to one side of the green, again no ball. As she continued across the green to the other side, Eureka! She spotted her ball wedged between the cup and the flagstick.

Marge made the casual announcement to her playing partners and the celebration ensued! Although disappointed no one witnessed the ball drop in the cup, Marge did not want a redo.

Marge was so appreciative of all the hugs and congratulations upon entering The Ranch House, she continued the celebration by buying the group drinks! Of note, this is Marge’s second hole-in-one. Congratulations, and here’s to number three!