How Many Chickens Does It Take to Make a Goose Happy?

Enjoying the Golden Goose Volunteer Appreciation Party

Chris Grey

Well, if it’s the Golden Goose, your favorite thrift shop in Catalina, the answer is: quite a few!

You probably know that the Goose is almost completely staffed by volunteers. Indeed, without them the Goose could not exist, at least as the entity it is. You see, 100% of its profits are split between two charities, IMPACT of Southern Arizona and SaddleBrooke Community Outreach, over $21 million dollars so far. Profits like that are only possible because of the dedicated volunteers and, each year, the Goose thanks them with a Volunteer Appreciation Party. Because the Goose opened its doors on April 15, 2003, the parties are held in April.

Gathering under a tent large enough to host a traveling circus, Goose guests found tables, a dance floor, wine and beer bars, and lots of room to mingle among friends. After enough time for tables to be scouted and seats taken, General Manager Stephanie Urdiales greeted the crowd and announced the recipients of 1-year, 5-year, 10-year, 15-year, and 20-year anniversary pins. This year, seven individuals received pins to honor their 20 years of volunteer service.

Then they rolled out the food! Catered by Carrabba’s Italian Grill of Oro Valley, guests went through the buffet lines and created delicious plates with grilled chicken breast and all the trimmings. As you can imagine, and with seating for 330, it took quite some time for all tables to be called (and quite a few chickens for those plates!).

After dinner, entertainment was provided by Gus and Gina who DJd a selection of music that got folks away from empty plates and onto the dance floor. Everyone had fun and enjoyed the excellent tune selection whether they sat, got up and danced, or got up and danced and then called their chiropractors the next day. All was documented by Steve of Steve Weiss Photography (except the chiropractic, of course).

Does it pay to volunteer? Most certainly! Giving your time at the Goose is a wonderful way to have fun while helping people. If past employment left you with a product specialty, odds are you can put that knowledge to good use. Want to know more? Sign up for Volunteer Orientation, held on the third Monday of every month at 3 p.m. There’s no obligation, but if you’d like to help, prepare yourself to be extremely appreciated next April!