Unit Happenings – June 2024

Hosts Kim Johnson and Stephanie Hendricks

Units 3 and 4A Spring Fling

The end of April saw Units 3 and 4A come together for their second combined unit event in a cul-de-sac for a Spring Fling. The weather was perfect outside for residents to bring their chairs and enjoy a concert performed by the band Total Recall. Total Recall hails from nearby Sun City.

The band set up in one of the host’s driveway and played for almost two hours. Residents were singing along to some oldies while others danced in the street. Fun was had by all, and there was a good turnout with almost 100 people! Residents all chipped in to cover the cost of the band and provide a nice tip too! Thanks to our hosts Kim Johnson and Stephanie Hendricks for hiring the band and welcoming everyone to their neighborhood.

We are always looking for unit residents to help us plan more future events. Please contact:

Unit 3: Bev Hinton, [email protected]

Unit 4A: Deb Sandin, [email protected]

Residents of Unit 8A gathered at the home of Mike and Maureen Bartel for the Unit’s 98th monthly Happy Hour on April 19. (Photo by Bob Authur)

Unit 8A Celebrates Happy Hour 98!

Janelle Authur

As Unit 8A residents “count up” to 100 monthly Happy Hours, each month’s gathering continues to have its own theme and ambiance.

Happy Hour #98, at the home of unit residents Mike and Maureen Bartel, carried the “98” theme from the front door to the back patio and to the fence beyond. Guests were first greeted by decorations in the shape of the number 98 on the front door. As they moved to the back patio, they were encouraged to play three guessing games, all themed, of course, around #98. Finally, the back fence was festooned with giant gold #98 balloons.

Unit resident Madoka Knight won the first guessing game—the number of Taylor-Made golf balls in a vase of 98 golf balls. The prize? All the golf balls. Unfortunately, neither Madoka nor Karl play golf, but she gamely packed up her prize to take home. Watch for a creative project from Madoka soon!

Bill Oprish won a Dairy Queen gift card for guessing which of the world’s countries is the 98th alphabetically. His guess, Madagascar, was the closest to the actual 98th country, Libya.

Chris Lee won the final prize, also a Dairy Queen gift card, by guessing the number of miles of U.S. Highway 98 in Florida. Chris guessed 600 miles, closest to the actual miles of 671.

The giant gold balloons were eventually untied from the fence and served as the prop for the unit’s monthly Happy Hour picture.

Residents of Unit 8A met for their first Happy Hour in March 2016. No one attending imagined that the group would still be meeting and celebrating an unbroken streak 98 months later. With only one more Happy Hour to go until #100, the strong consensus among unit residents is to “keep the streak” going.

Unit 8A road cleanup crew: Jerry Fox, Steve Chapman, Mike Bartel, Maureen Bartel, Shelley Ziegler, Sheila Davidson, Marty Knezovich, Ernie Nedder, Lee Stastny, Mary Jo Stastny, Chris Lee, and Gene Lee.

Unit 8A Roadside Cleanup

Diane Fox

On April 13, 12 Unit 8A residents gathered again to pick up 15 bags of trash along Highway 77 between mile markers 91 and 92. Volunteers included Marty Knezovich, Sheila Davidson, Mike and Maureen Bartel, Gene and Chris Lee, Shelley Ziegler, Lee and Mary Jo Stastny, Steve Chapman, Ernie Nedder, and Jerry Fox. Additional road sections are available for adopting by contacting the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT).