Huntsman World Senior Games

Corine Sturdivant

The Huntsman World Senior Games will take place in St. George, Utah October 8-20, 2018.

When you were retired did you think you would ever be this busy? Living in an active adult community gives us all the opportunity to try new things and dust off our old sports equipment: to jump in and do what we enjoyed before work got in the way.

Did you know that 50+ Senior Games throughout the US were established to keep your mind and body active as you age? Beyond the regular sports: basketball, golf, cycling, pickleball, tennis, swimming and volleyball, you can participate in horseshoes, bridge, lawn bowling, power walking and square dancing (to name a few). (You compete with peers in a five- to ten-year age range.)

Athletes from the Ranch include: Don Williams, Don and Betty Schaefer, “Wingman” Tom and Kelly Reuter, Keith Sturdivant and me in volleyball, pickleball, rec. golf, mountain biking, swimming and track. Let’s get represented in more sports and activities this year!

Come join us at the Huntsman World Senior Games: the largest annual multi-sport event in the world for 50+, with 11,000 athletes competing from around the world, complete with opening and closing ceremonies. Go to, call 800-562-1268 to find out more or contact me, Corine, your Huntsman Ambassador at [email protected] Register by September 1.