IMPACT Job Resource Center helping people affected by ASARCO Hayden Mine closure

Barbara McClure

In Hayden, far north in the Copper Corridor of Pinal County, there are hundreds of families affected by the recent closure of the Asarco Mine due to a strike; and dozens of families have flocked to IMPACT for help.

Food bank programs are income qualified; so many new families have recently enrolled for our assistance, as their sole household income plummeted to zero. Imagine what you would do in such a situation! In past years, strikes have lasted months, so we anticipate great increases in need this holiday season. Typically, the IMPACT Food Bank assists about 500 families each month. In September the number was 509. In October, it was 553 families!

It is often a difficult and humbling experience to come to an agency asking for help. Here at IMPACT we welcome each family and go the extra mile to let them know we care, because it is important to us that they are always treated with dignity and respect. One of our clients mentioned to a friend she coaxed in, that she knew from experience it was hard at first to walk through that front door, but that he would soon feel right at home because IMPACT is a warm and welcoming place full of friendly helpful people, resources, ideas, and support.

We have been able to provide these and other families with food and clothing, and to sign them up for a Thanksgiving Dinner Kit, our Adopt-A-Child program to insure their children still have the opportunity for a joyful holiday season, and other services.

Through our job resource center we have helped several adults already find part time work, update their resumes, apply for new full time jobs, and enter training paths for new career opportunities. Imagine how thankful these folks are for IMPACT!  This is definitely a chance to improve lives and inspire futures! If you are interested in helping in one of these areas, consider volunteering in our Job Resource Center, or another of our programs. We are located close by in Catalina, by Bashas.

We also coordinate with other area agencies offering services, so that together we can all help as many unduplicated people as possible!

For more information about IMPACT of Southern Arizona, visit our website:, or check out our Facebook page: Most importantly, if you hear of anyone struggling through these holiday months, please tell them to call us for help: 520-825-0009. We truly are here to help stabilize families and guide and support them on a personal path to self-sufficiency! If you would like to help financially, you may make a tax credit qualified donation directly on our website, or by calling our office. We help thousands of clients every month, and a $400 tax credit investment goes a long way; so your investment makes a huge difference, by starting that ripple effect of change for hundreds of households.

We wish you all a joyful holiday season – celebrated with friends, family, and loved ones.