Improving your brain health and strength

Another great day of "Happy Feet" dancing in SaddleBrooke. These day six Ranch residents (Kay behind the camera) were able to enjoy 3,000 steps and watch the first rain drops of the monsoon.

Another great day of “Happy Feet” dancing in SaddleBrooke. These day six Ranch residents (Kay behind the camera) were able to enjoy 3,000 steps and watch the first rain drops of the monsoon.

Dr. Mark Magdanz

Line dancing is good for you, as demonstrated by a story from a Ranch dancer, J. H.

“A little more than four years ago, I was working ten-hour days, sitting at a desk, stressed out. When we decided to retire earlier than planned, I did so with the intent to get healthier. I was overweight and was told that I needed to be put on numerous meds to help my heart, cholesterol, etc. I was determined to find something to teach me how to be healthy again. I found it in line dancing. Who knew dancing would provide me with a great cardio workout and fun? Not me! Skeptical at first until the weight started coming off, I had more energy and an overall sense of accomplishment! After recently meeting with my doctor, I found out that I am healthier now than when I was in my twenties! A huge thank you to Mark and Rebecca for helping me to reach my goals! I’m a line dancer for life!”

Dance Instructor Rebecca Magdanz has taught happy SaddleBrooke Ranch line dancers for more than 11 years and lives full time in SaddleBrooke. The summer line dance session of eight classes on July 10, and will end the middle of September. If you sign up now, you could catch up with the rest of the group. Dances are taught two weeks in a row and then reviewed during the rest of the series. If you miss a couple classes, you can make them up another day.

Every class, the dance steps will add three to five thousand steps to your overall step goal all the while helping you meet new friends with common interests. Professional instruction and observation keep you safer and help you learn faster. Rebecca offers many dances on international instructional sites and several YouTube videos. In each class you will receive written and video feedback, as well as in-class support to develop your successful dancing experiences. This fun exercise with friends will help you gain balance, strength, brain/memory power, muscle tone, bone strength and self-confidence with Rebecca.

The level 1 beginners class is for those new to line dancing and takes place Wednesday and Saturday. While most students start here, some move up quickly to level 2, which is completely dependent on your goals, accomplishments and desire to move up.

The level 2 easy-intermediate class provides a faster learning pace and more intense dance workouts and takes place Monday and Tuesday. Those having previous training occasionally jump in directly at this level. Fun and vigorous “Happy Feet” practice sessions are offered year-round on Thursdays for level 2 dancers.

If you are away for the season (or do not want a late start), contact Rebecca Magdanz at [email protected] or 520-818-2656 to make fall or winter class reservation. Classes are taught on a reservation basis to ensure a favorable learning environment and can fill rapidly, so be sure to secure your place in this or a coming class soon.