iPhone – a serious camera?

Members of the photography club learn about taking pictures with their iPhone.

Members of the photography club learn about taking pictures with their iPhone.

Arlene Wong

On Friday, August 18, the SBR photography group met in the La Hacienda Club for a lively discussion on “iphoneography” led by our Ranch resident and photographer Steve Weiss. For many of us our “real” camera sits on a shelf when we are out and about while we take most of our photos with our cell phones. One of the common misconceptions is that the iPhone can’t be used for serious photography. We found out that it can.

Techniques were discussed which would allow us to take photos with our iPhone that most would believe were taken by a larger, more sophisticated camera. Many simple controls were shown which are built into the camera module that most people don’t know. For example, we learned how to control brightness and focus, how to take high dynamic range pictures and how to use the timer, the flash and a remote trigger with the ear plug extension chord that comes with every iPhone. Other things we discussed were mounting an iPhone to a tripod, using auxiliary lenses and using applications to allow us to control even more camera functions like ISO, color balance, aperture and shutter speed. We had fun learning not only from Steve’s presentations but also from other group members’ comments about their experiences with an iPhone.

Our next meeting will be on Monday, October 16, in the La Hacienda Club beginning at 10:30. At that meeting we will look at images from members of our group. This is being described as a showing of the best pictures taken all year. In advance of the next meeting, those interested can submit up to seven of their favorite photos to Steve who will compile them into a slide show for all of us to see.

The SBR photograph group meets every six to eight weeks to share common interests in photography and to further our picture-taking abilities. For further information about the group or how you can submit pictures for our next meeting, please contact Steve Weiss at [email protected] or simply show up at our next meeting.