Oaxaca: Mexico’s cultural treasure

Visit Oaxaca in 2018

Visit Oaxaca in 2018

John Bezy

The Mexican state of Oaxaca has become one of the great destinations for world travelers because of its rich cultural heritage. The prehistoric Zapotec and Mixtec Native American sites of Monte Alban and Mitla are among Mexico’s most impressive archaeological treasures. Present day Zapotec and Mixtec are superb artists, producing fine textiles with all natural dyes, green and black pottery, and finely carved and painted figures called alebrijes. The spectacular performance of regional dances, the Guelaguetza, has long attracted international visitors.

Oaxaca is adorned by numerous churches, mansions, government palaces and other public architecture from the Spanish colonial period. There are also numerous museums featuring the work of regional artists. This rich cultural legacy has made Oaxaca City a center of Mexican culinary arts.

We invite you to join SaddleBrooke resident John Bezy on the February 3-9, 2018 exploration of Oaxaca’s archaeological and architectural treasures. During this seven-day trip we will visit the great archaeological sites of Monte Alban and Mitla, modern Zapotec and Mixtec Indian communities famous for pottery, weaving and carved/painted figures. We will explore the magnificent museums and Spanish Colonial churches, government palaces and mansions of Oaxaca City and dine in some of its many fine restaurants. The spectacular regional dances, the Guelaguetza, are an added cultural tradition that will make this one of your most memorable visits to Mexico.

The Quinta Real, our planned lodging, is an internationally famous hotel, the food is superb, and the pace of the trip allows leisure time for personal exploration, shopping and enjoyment of beautiful Oaxaca.

Cost: $2,770 per person double occupancy; $3,700 per person single occupancy. This includes roundtrip airfare, all ground transportation, most breakfasts, all hotels, all entrance fees and a two-hour performance of 10 regional dances, the Guelaguetza, from this region of Mexico. For more information contact John Bezy at 520-825-2451 or [email protected]