Israel then Israel now

Cari Block

The trip to Israel in March of 1979 seems lifetimes ago

How the world has changed in 40 years

How I have changed

From the anxious young woman

Sleepless, fearful, neurotic, shaky

Hurt by lies and unfaithfulness

Unsure of where life could go next

Gathering courage to strike out

In a new direction leading to the unknown.

Now in 2019 an older, stronger

Confident woman seeking adventure

Traveling to this ancient land once again

With my partner in transformed life and love.

Eyes open wide to see what I missed

When blinded by life’s painful rebirth

Now I see a nation that has experienced

Its own death and resurrection.

Still, reality of world struggles

Could mean the end of the ancient

Sites many travel to see:

Walls of Jerusalem, birthplace of Jesus

Places claiming to be sites of miracles

The loaves and fishes, raising of Lazarus

Mt Nebo where Moses gazed upon the

Promised Land he would never enter.

So much history!

While there, exactly 40 years ago, the historic Jerusalem

“Plan for Peace” meeting with Carter, Sadat and Begin

Brought hopeful anticipation to the city.

“Bring peace, goodness and blessing” was the slogan.

Today amidst major tensions the world watches and waits.

Just as in my life there seems to be a plan

Using even painful things to bring about good

I pray for a miracle in the land of Israel.