It’s Hip to Be Square … Dancing!

SaddleBrooke residents who recently completed “Mainstream” square dance moves, left to right: Pam Steube, Milan Steube, Linda Wright, Randy Wright, Donna Burton, Bill Burton, Carla Marquardt, and Debbie Trapp (not pictured, Marc and Katie Lundgren)

Rebecca Williams

There’s a difference between being a square and being a knucklehead, as odd as that may seem. Maybe the American pop rock band Huey Lewis and the News did the best job of explaining why “It’s hip to be square.”

Square dancing is far from being an old person’s game. Although most of its members are older, they’re still young at heart because the activity keeps them young and healthy. More importantly, it’s great fun!

When you complete square dance lessons, you have 25 or 45 new friends. And friends are not easy to come by! On March 30, 10 SaddleBrooke Ranch residents finished the basic set of square dance moves called “Mainstream.” These dancers got together on Thursday nights to learn a few new square dance moves and then had the opportunity to review what they had learned the following Sunday afternoons. The Rancheros Squares and SaddleBrooke Squares worked together on these lessons to help defray the expenses and to provide experienced dancers to assist the new dancers in learning the moves.

These new Rancheros are eager to move on to learn the next level of dancing called “Plus” within the next few weeks, and upon graduation will then have the chance to dance anywhere in the U.S. and around the world!

Friendship is Square Dancing’s Greatest Reward!

The Rancheros and SaddleBrooke Squares will be presenting an opportunity to try square dancing for free this coming October. Contact Rebecca Williams at [email protected] or Kim Denny at [email protected] to add your name to our list to contact at that time, or watch for the announcement on our SaddleBrooke Ranch website under “Things to Do,” Clubs, Dancing, Square Dance-Rancheros, and click the link you will see there.