Ranchette Putters Set a Holes-in-One Record

Back row, left to right: Sheryl Ratliff—Third Lowest Net, 34.90; Ardi Rossi—nine holes-in-one; Sandy Getter—Second Lowest Gross, 36.3; Karen Walser—six holes-in-one; Linda Noble—seven holes-in-one; Stacey Raff—seven holes-in-one. Front row, left to right: Cathy Ratliff—six holes-in-one; Donna Lura—six holes-in-one; Valeria Zupancic—six holes-in-one. All winners were not present for photo. (Photo by Pam Engelhardt)

February and March were a challenge for the Ranchette Putters. February was a month of freezing temperatures, rain, snow, and frost delays that prevented the putters from putting at least three weeks out of four for their monthly awards. When they were able to putt, they had one of their Gold Sponsors, Oracle Land and Home, come and give a presentation. Leslie Brown shared realty news along with a trivia game that saw several ladies receive prizes for the correct answers.

March started with the same weather, but they finally got in their three weeks of putting. The ladies were so excited to be back on the putting green that the monthly awards broke all records. There were 21 Ranchette Putters who had six or more holes-in-one with a record total of 149 holes-in-one.

The following are the winners of the monthly awards for March.

* Lowest Gross Average—Sue Gitelson, 36.0

* Second Lowest Gross Average—Sandy Getter, 36.3

* Third Lowest Gross Average—Marilyn Heasley, 37.0

* Lowest Net Average—Sharon Steen, 33.97

* Second Lowest Net Average—Joann Keane, 34.367

* Third Lowest Net Average—Sheryl Ratliff, 34.90

Now for the winners of six or more holes-in-one!

* Jackie Boll, Debby Bowen, Carolyn Kane, Donna Lura, Cathy Ratliff, Monica Schellinger, Evelyn Silver, Karen Walser, and Valeria Zupancic each had six holes-in-one.

* Evie Falk, Joann Keane, Linda Noble, Stacey Raff, Sheryl Ratliff, and Sandy Sleigh each had seven holes-in-one.

* Susan Eggleston, Jean Sticha, and Jodi Walker-Lowe had eight holes-in-one.

* Ardi Rossi had nine holes-in-one.

* Joyce Cox and Trish Minard had 10 holes-in-one.

Congratulations to all! It won’t be long before the weather will be so hot that the putters will be wishing for the cold weather to return.