King and Queen of the Court Pickleball Tournament

KQ 3.0 Mixed Doubles

KQ 4.0

Nancy Eisenstein

On Friday, Oct. 8, 104 active SaddleBrooke Ranch pickleball players participated in a fun and competitive game called King and Queen of the Court. It was made possible through all the hard work of Anna Ung and her committee, which included Gary and Sally Grasso and Debbie McCauley. Players were randomly divided by skill level, split into groups of four, and played a game up to either 11 or 15 points. The winning team moved up a court and played against the winners of the other court while switching partners. The losing teams are not eliminated. They also switched partners and played till the end, win or lose. The goal of the game is to stay on the winning court as long as possible.

Advancement is determined by the player’s total points scored throughout the tournament. Point differential comes into play in case of a total win tie. The player with the most points then becomes the King or the Queen.

Players meet, compete, and share a few laughs!

King and Queen of the Court Tournament Winners:

2.5 Women’s Doubles

1st Place: Jacqueline Fancher and TJ Fletcher (2 Queens)

2nd Place: Mardiece Patrick

3rd Place: Tina Kohl

2.5 Mixed Doubles

1st Place: Beth Cooper and David Joyce (King and Queen)

2nd Place: Denise Joyce and Bill Robson

3rd Place: Darlynn Nero and Colin Patrick and Ben Eisenstein

3.0 Mixed Doubles

1st Place: Sheri Rust and John Nicolich (King and Queen)

2nd Place: Eileen Wagner and Jim Harvey

3rd Place: Shirley Sullivan and Lou Mastro


1st Place: Liza First and David First (King and Queen)

2nd Place: Jennifer Campion and Milan Steube

3rd Place: Deborah Street and George Patterson


1st Place: Kristi Miller and Dann Denny (King and Queen)

2nd Place: Susan Ness and Brad Messner

3rd Place: Ginger Buetow and Brandt Carter