Line dance lessons with Rebecca

Rebecca teaches Ranch residents to line dance on Wednesday at the Hacienda clubhouse. undefined

Rebecca teaches Ranch residents to line dance on Wednesday at the Hacienda clubhouse.

Dr Mark Magdanz

Fall line dance lessons start October 1, and you must have a reservation to join in the fun.

Your neighbors have been dancing with Rebecca since October of 2012, and it’s now time for the next fall dance lesson series to start. There is a place for everyone to learn to line dance at SaddleBrooke Ranch.

Health and fitness wise: two keys to lifelong fun are participation and learning. Find something that challenges your brain and that is enough fun to keep you attending forever. With music, exercise and too many dance options to learn everything, line dance is one of your best options. Note: many folks have said they just want a few dances to get out on the floor with friends. That’s great for a small group a couple days a year, but after a few times of dancing the easy dances your friends will get bored and move to other or more difficult dances. Remember, there are over 75,000 published dances in the line dance world, so this can be a long-term fitness and learning opportunity. Just taking a basic class can get rid of the fear of fooling around at a party, then you can line dance on the fringe or in the middle and have some fun.

Rebecca has a new fall class series starting Wednesday, October 1, for both Level 1 Beginners and Level 2 Beginner/Easy Intermediates. No matter your experience level you ought to contact Rebecca to determine the best place for you to begin your lessons. Classes are taught on a reservation basis only, so you must sign up with Rebecca. Walk-ins will probably not find a space open on the floor this fall.

If you are wanting even more advanced dancing in your life or even a different day of the week, Rebecca teaches three skill levels of classes in SaddleBrooke so you can definitely find a class and/or skill level that fits you just right. With reciprocal agreements in place you can certainly find a spot on the dance floor many days a week in either community. Rebecca has a total of nine sessions a week split between SB and the Ranch.

To place your name on one of the reservation lists for fall 2014, or winter 2015 or beyond, contact Rebecca Magdanz at [email protected] or phone 818-2656. Rebecca is a professional line dance instructor with over eight years of SaddleBrooke and now two years SaddleBrooke Ranch teaching. Classes are in the fitness room at the Hacienda clubhouse.