Line Dancing with Rebecca in January 2018

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Dr. Mark Magdanz

It’s time to reserve space for January 2018! Over 100 Ranch and SaddleBrooke community residents are currently preparing to dance again this January. Class size limits are placed on student numbers effective learning and safety. The winter series is planned for 10+ classes in each level of difficulty. Starting the week of January 15 classes resume. Classes begin promptly at/before the appointed hour, last 90+ minutes, and have never ended early.

This fall Level 1, 2 and 3 dancers will be having great fun at the October Kick Up Your Heels dance in the MountainView Ballroom. Lots of early fall exercise for over 50 participants. Students on the floor for all dances at our last fall party clocked in over 15,000 steps in about two and three-quarter hours of fast-paced fun. We will be duplicating that October 14; residual funds and donations to animal charities.

Health/fitness wise: Line dance is mild to moderate interval training and has gotten tremendous attention lately. Interval workouts are far more time efficient exercises, more effective than steady rate exercise. What is interval training? In a nutshell, alternating periods of higher intensity workout with periods of lower intensity recovery, i.e., after warming up for a few minutes at moderate pace you go faster for three to four minutes, then slower pace for a time. Repeat this dancing several songs and you’ve completed a pretty complete interval workout plus strength and balance. The key to training is continuing workouts over weeks, months and on to years. Arguments for which type exercise is best exist, but the way to benefit from any one is to participate. So it should be fun! Showing up leads to success. Line dancing and music just happen to be great for brain, body and soul.

There are three different levels of dance with Rebecca as well as three fast paced and fun hours of “happy feet” practice each week. Level 1 slowly builds aerobic capacity, balance and foot speed. This level is designed for novice/beginner dancers and it also gets raves from those wishing to preserve their capabilities. So if life is slowing down, this may permit it more gracefully. All line dance is a challenge to memory, strength, endurance and balance. Gradual improvement occurs with loads of fun. Dancing with Rebecca is first and foremost enjoying exercise and learning while not taking life too seriously.

Levels 2 and 3 are for more experienced and fit dancers. Step directly into two only if you know dancing basics and many step definitions when prompted. You’ll get a workout and have some fun but will need to verify your status with Rebecca before entry here.

Rebecca, a 13 year SB resident, has been teaching SaddleBrooke and SB Ranch dancers since 2007. For cost and other information on line dancing lessons with Rebecca in SaddleBrooke Ranch or over the hill in SB in the winter, contact Rebecca Magdanz at [email protected] or phone 818-2656.