Music as Metaphysics

On Wednesday, March 9, Randall Dighton presents an evening of music and spiritual exploration at SaddleBrooke One’s Activity Center at 7 p.m. He will not only share ballads of faith, humor, and love from his repertoire (Scotch/Irish, folk, musical theater), but also speak of his deep and abiding love of music for inspiration, meditation, and spiritual growth through improvisation. Bring a favorite passage for him, perchance, to sing.

Randall discovered a gift for composing music to fit the moment in his teens, when he was asked to create a song based on Khalil Gibran’s poetry at a wedding. Today he now serves as musician for his Masonic Lodge, with improvised music on guitar, lute, or Native American flute.

Music is Randall’s source of peace in life. Poetry and spiritual/mystical and philosophical readings inspire his music.

Raised with friends of many faiths, Randall became a Baha’i in 1970. He also served as assistant cantor of a Jewish congregation for most of the 1980s. He also has an interest in oracular and divinatory traditions.

Randall has been married to his soul mate and best friend, Linda, since 1997. She sings with him on occasion, and helps lead a chorus in SaddleBrooke. Randall may be contacted at [email protected] or 520-825-3090. We look forward to your joining us for this special musical evening on Wednesday, March 9, at SaddleBrooke One’s Activity Center at 7 p.m. Also check out and RSVP for this musical and spiritual offering on our Metaphysical Explorations website at