Musical Duo Comes Full Circle at Free February Concert

Bruce and Nancy Carlson

Nancy Carlson

Bruce and Nancy Carlson have been singing together since 1966 when they met at college.

Doesn’t their photo remind you of the ’60s, folk music, tie-dye, and love beads? Now older, (much older!) they’re still making music together. With a new name, Acoustic West, Bruce and Nancy will perform a free concert on Feb. 24 at 7 p.m. in the Sol Ballroom.

Some of you may recall that this couple sang twice here at the Ranch with Ken Wilcox as CW47. Ken has retired from the group, so Bruce and Nancy have come full circle, once again singing as a duo. Acoustic West plays songs of love, life, and landscapes, with a mellow guitar and thoughtful lyrics. The selections include Western themes, originals, and covers, all geared to a true listening audience who will appreciate intricate guitar work and meaningful words.

The concert is free. There will be an opportunity to tip the group at the end of the performance. All money is given to charities through Bruce’s volunteer work at jails, prisons, rescue missions, and other worthy causes.

After the holiday busy-ness and Super Bowl frenzy, come on out to hear Acoustic West on Feb. 24 at 7 p.m. and unwind, slow down, de-stress, and enjoy the musical mood.