Need Help With Your Computer or Smartphone?

Linda Shannon-Hills

Technology can be so frustrating at times. We use it all the time, so not knowing how something works or where to go creates challenges for us. Some just say, “forget it” and give up trying to use it. Every day, I learn something new about my smartphone or a tip on a software package I use daily. Sharing this information with others spreads knowledge.

The SBR Technology Club can be a great help to you in learning more about your Mac computer or how to use Microsoft Excel to create a budget. Learning more about digital scanning of our family photos and documents can save those special items for generations to come.  While wearing your mask, sitting down with a skilled volunteer of the Tech Club can make all the difference in how you use your smartphone or how to connect to Facetime or Zoom for family visits since we can’t be together.

Marti Gasser made a recent visit to the tech room for assistance with issues on her computer and phone. Terry Carlin, one of the many techies available to help our members, was extremely helpful in providing assistance to Marti. Marti sent a message to our club regarding the help she received.

“Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the assistance from Terry Carlin yesterday. He solved all issues with my computer and phone. Just can’t express enough how much value the tech club is to this community,” she wrote.

As a member, I am always watching for workshops or special interest groups where I might learn more. I tend to forget to check the tech tips on the website. The tips come from members of the club and from experts in the many fields of technology. On the website, there are some great ideas I had never thought about.

Join the SBR Technology Club at I know you will find it rewarding.