Newcomers Are Welcomed Virtually

Linda Shannon-Hills and Linda Harvey

The Newcomers Welcome Program would like to welcome our new residents that closed in late August and September. With the pandemic situation, our Newcomers Welcome has not been able to hold face-to-face gatherings to welcome our new neighbors.

We have now launched our Zoom Newcomers Welcome webinar.

Please give a warm welcome to your new neighbors in your unit joining the SaddleBrooke Ranch community.


4A: Paul and Patricia Nicholls

4B: Gregg and Kara Geser

7: Robert and Carol Henry

8: Jennifer Valverde and Mary Navoda

8: Stephen and Carolyn Laethem

10: Corrine Glesne

10: John and Monica Oszust

10: Edward George and Donna Swindell

16C: Joseph and Patricia Cimo

17: Gary Bear and Joan Stanley-Bear

17: Shane Morris and Eileen Glasby

17: Michelle Jennings

46A: Richard and Ellen Millet

46A: Raymond and Norma (Tippy) Weisz

46A: John Beals


14A: Jerry Tavolara

14A: Lorraine McCaig

14B: Bruce and Karen Mundahl

14B: Karen Reed

14B: Thomas and Barbara Kaliski

14B: Duane and Linda Jensen

14B: Douglas and Patricia West

14B: Geraldine Dawes

Contact Linda Shannon-Hills at [email protected] if you did not receive an invitation for the webinars.