What Is Tashlich?

Kim Schweitzer

On Sept. 20, a group of residents from The Shalom Club gathered by our pond to observe the ritual of Tashlich. The Tashlich ceremony is performed before a body of running water as small pieces of bread or breadcrumbs to represent sins, are tossed into the water. The purpose, as stated in our prayer, is to “lift my troubles off my shoulders, wash away my sins and problems and open my heart to blessing and gratitude.”

In addition to our sins, we release our bad thoughts, sadness, and anything that gets in our way of holding a heavy heart and begin anew.

As American Jews we get to observe the New Year twice: Jan. 1 and during September when we celebrate Rosh Hashanah. A week after Rosh Hashanah we observe Yom Kippur where we are forgiven and begin anew.

In addition to the beauty of worshiping together (COVID precautions observed), all participants received honey straws. Another ritual is to dip apples in honey to represent a sweet New Year.

To all our neighbors at SaddleBrooke Ranch, L’Shana Tova—a sweet and healthy New Year to everyone!