Oracle School District


We are all aware of the importance of providing a good education for children. Children are our future; we are their role models, here to help guide them to great opportunities.

SaddleBrooke Ranch is an extraordinary community with a history of helping others in our community and neighborhood. The Oracle School District is our school district and needs your support on an important measure that will be on the 2019 November ballot.

In 2018, due to long-term unfunded capital needs, the Oracle School District appointed a Capital Needs Advisory Committee comprised of SaddleBrooke Ranch, SaddleBrooke and other community members, as well as school board members and staff. This team conducted an extensive review of recommendations from an architectural firm retained to provide a full assessment and master plan for capital improvements.

The committee collaborated and agreed, that the focus would be on the absolutes, those areas that must be accomplished, under the following criteria: improvements to conditions that impact the health and safety of the children and staff, including necessary upgrades for ADA compliant standards that enhance the student’s learning and educational environment.

The Mountain Vista campus has several significant challenges that must be addressed, which include a classroom building constructed in 1964 that has structural issues, asbestos ceiling tiles and, due to low glass windows, all around cannot be secured in the event of an active shooter incident. Kitchen equipment such as walk-in refrigerators and freezers are over 20 years old, and parts can no longer be obtained for them, requiring replacement. Tutoring and training space is insufficient and would be added to the current library. Several buses with an average of 300,000 miles on them would be replaced, the parking lot would be reconfigured to better ensure student safety and all campus entry and exit points secured with key card access or buzz-in capability.

The advisory committee presented their recommendations to the district governing board in March 2019 who then reviewed, accepted and approved the recommendations of the committee, which included the district seeking voter approval for a Class B Bond in the November 2019 election to fund these vital infrastructure needs.

In May 2019, a PAC was formed to begin the process of communicating the need for a bond to district residents. Over the next several months, there will be additional information published and distributed, as well as planned meetings throughout the district for residents to attend to get more information and answer questions. You may also reach out to the PAC with any questions at the following email address: [email protected]

We look forward to your support and your “yes” vote to help pass this critical bond initiative.

We invite you to visit the Oracle School District website at to learn more about Mt. Vista Elementary School and the great staff dedicated to our incredible students.