Perfect Day for a Horseback Ride in Gold Canyon

Riders from left to right: Guy Shelton, Debbie Shelton, Neil Uscier, Rebecca Williams, Marc Lundgren, and Katie Lundgren.

Rebecca Williams

The SaddleBrooke Ranch Riding Group had a perfect day of cool weather and clear blue skies for their ride on Saturday, Dec. 11, at Don Donnelly’s D-Spur Ranch in Gold Canyon, just east of Apache Junction. The venue is generally just a bit warmer than the Ranch and offers magnificent views of the Superstition Mountains as well as surrounding mountain ranges in the Tucson area.

This stable is unique in that they raise about 80 head of Texas Longhorns that are generally grazing out on the state land that abuts the stable. Some of the cattle were also up by the house, so club members could see them there. We had a beautiful view of a coyote silhouetted against the morning sun, a speedy jack rabbit, a cotton tail, a raven, and several quail, in addition to wonderful stands of saguaro cacti. One of them was estimated to be around 500 years old. The guide talked about the mining that used to be done in the area in the past and the Lost Dutchman mine and museum, which is located just to the west.

The group will take a break now until early February. The next ride will be on Friday, Feb. 4. It is hoped that a ride can be done in Catalina State Park this spring. The equestrian trails were damaged during the monsoon and had to be repaired.

If you are interested in the Horseback Riding Group’s activities, go to the Saddlebrooke HOA website, “Things to do,” and “Clubs.” There, in the middle column is a link to the “Horseback Riding Group.” Click on that and then the link under the information for the secretary, Rebecca Williams. There, you will see a web page about the group’s activities and can see the “Read News” section for upcoming rides.

If you would like to participate in a particular ride, simply click on the link at the bottom left under “Contact Us,” give your name, the ride you want to join, and the time, if there is a choice. The secretary will get back to you with a confirmation and can help with any questions you may have. You can participate as often as you choose. All rides are one hour and at a walk, just to enjoy the scenery. Upcoming rides are posted on the website and the secretary will also send an email to past participants. Happy trails!