Putters Eager to Socialize

Membership chair Corky Mansmith, statistician Doris Carlin and president Linda Sentivanac welcome back Putters.

Putters activity board

Happy prize winners Terri Stewart with Evie Thompson

Camille Esterman

It was evident that the Ranchette Putters missed the opportunities to socialize and putt. President Linda Sentivanac greeted approximately 70 women—many dressed in pink—at the “Welcome Back Putters Party.” The club invited all women in SaddleBrooke Ranch, and 26 prospective members were present. Many of them joined on the spot.

Mexican hats and party favors decorated the LaMesa room. The treats table included Danish, mini muffins, cookies, fresh fruit, coffee, tea, and water to enjoy during the event. A door prize ticket was given out to every attendee. These 12 lucky ladies went home with gift bags: Audrey Gelb, Jacque Lauer, Terri Stewart, Susie Morrill, Sharon Passov, Cindy Watkins, D Fitzgerald, Anne Ratterman, Sue Hynes, Cyndy Pylkka, Jackie Boll, and Pat Griggs.

The Ranchette Putters want to thank the ladies on the decorating committee: Ann Ratterman, Susan Eggleston, Evelyn Silver, and Andrea Cothran. The club is additionally grateful to membership chair Corky Mansmith and statistician Doris Carlin for securing the room and arranging the food.

Sentivanac discussed the need for new officers. Members were encouraged to look at the job descriptions on GroupWorks and volunteer for a fun position. A general election will be held in December.

Meanwhile, everyone was looking forward to resuming putting at 8 a.m. on Oct. 6.

The club welcomes all ladies at SBR who want to meet people and have a good time. Golf experience is not necessary. Contact Mansmith at jcmansmith@ gmail.com for additional membership information.