Putters’ Island Spirit Survives Monsoon

Camille Esterman

On Friday evening, July 15, Ranchette Putters and their guests showed up at the La Mesa room in Hawaiian attire. After receiving a lei and a door prize ticket, 36 couples had their photos taken before starting a tournament on the SBR green. And then an uninvited monsoon arrived, washing out the event.

Torrents of rain, thunder, and lightning forced everyone to quickly take shelter. While some folks rushed home for dry attire, others went into the Ranch House. Kudos to Tyler and his staff who quickly relocated the scheduled outdoor social to the Sol Ballroom.

And here’s cheers to Jodi Walker-Lowe and her event team: Toni Estrada, Nancy Eisenstein, and Sue Eggleston. In spite of the weather, everyone was smiling, eager to win a golf-related door prize, and thankful for the opportunity to socialize again.

Photos by Camille Esterman and Nancy Olsen.