“Queen of Swings” winners

CJ Kerley

On November 6, 2018 the SaddleBrooke Ranch Women’s Golf Association held its final tournament for qualification to play in the “Queen of Swings” tournament to be held on December 4. The winners were Diane Taylor with an overall Low Gross of 93 and Lee Rinke with an overall Low Net of 71.

First Flight winners: Jean Cheszek won Low Goss, 73; Melanie Timberlake 2nd Low Gross, 88; Mary Snowden Low Net, 72 and Barb Simms 2nd Low Net, 78. Second Flight winners: Deb Shelton won Low Gross, 88; Joanne Garcia 2nd Low Gross, 90 and Trish Kelly and Connie Klappenbach tied with a 76 for Low Net. Third Flight winners: Cheryl Reddy won Low Gross, 93; Michelle Carter 2nd Low Gross, 95; Lee Rinke Low Net, 71 and Susan Pharr 2nd Low Net, 72. Fourth Flight winners: Jeanne Osterlund won Low Gross, 97; Mindy Hawkins 2nd Low Gross, 101 and CJ Kerley and Nancy Wilcoxon tied Low Net and 2nd Low Net, 74. Fifth Flight winners: Diane Taylor won Low Gross, 93; Linda Chonle 2nd Low Gross, 104; Deb Byrne Low Net, 73 and Terri Fraser 2nd Low Net, 75.

The Queen of Swings monthly tournament is held on the first Tuesday of each month. This tournament has one Low Gross winner and one Low Net winner each month. In addition, flights are paid out each month for Low Gross and Low Net. Congratulations to Diane Taylor and Lee Rinke for an outstanding day of golf!

Thank you to our premier sponsor, Coyote Golf Cars, for supporting the SBRWGA and sponsoring our Queen of Swings tournaments throughout the year!