Ranch Roots Genealogy Club

Pegg Ridolfo

Our next meeting of Ranch Roots will be on Jan. 27, at 1 p.m. in the La Mesa Room. As a group, we are always searching for new ideas, hints, or even a website that may have been that break-through in your research. Come and share with us your discoveries and how you came across the information.

Technology is expanding every day, allowing us to discover histories, distant and not so distant cousins, and so much more. Your experience may help others discover new avenues of research. By researching and documenting our findings on “family,” we are giving our children, grandchildren, and even great grandchildren a gift. Show them what their ancestors looked like, where they lived, and discuss what life was like during their lifetime.

As SaddleBrooke Ranch grows every day, some of us may have a new neighbor who is interested in learning about genealogy. If so, please invite them to join us. For any questions, contact Pegg Ridolfo at [email protected] or 317-691-3950.