Ranch Texans Play “Made in Texas” Bingo

Six Texas Club members and guests at the SBR Texas Club Bingo Night on Nov. 13 won Texas-themed prizes. Pictured (left to right) are club members Bill Smith, Edie Hugo Kirman, BJ Shultz, Di Voss, David Krause, and guest Mary Hoover. (Photo by Bob Authur)

Janelle Authur

Members of the SaddleBrooke Ranch Texas Club and their guests gathered at the La Hacienda Clubhouse on Nov. 13 to play Bingo, a popular Texas game.

Twenty-six members and guests arrived early with dinner and drinks in hand. As the room filled, all shared stories of their Texas roots or connection to Texas and, of course, more than a couple of tall Texas tales. While a few club members were born in Texas, most were not but “got there as fast as they could.”

Before play began and between games, club member and Bingo caller Jim Jensen told a little about the history of Bingo in Texas, from its prohibition to its current status as a game played for charity. Fittingly, the group played five games, with the winning numbers spelling out T-E-X-A-S over the course of the five games.

Prizes were awarded to the winner of each game, and were, of course, Texas-themed. As each prize was awarded, club member Janelle Authur described the prize’s connection to Texas, with a touch of history and fun facts. The first prize awarded was a huge bottle of Dr. Pepper, invented by a Waco, Texas, pharmacist. Originally known as the “Waco,” the drink was at one time marketed as an “upper” to increase productivity during a mid-day slump, resulting in the slogan “the friendly Pepper-Upper.”

The prize for the second Bingo was a Texas and Southern staple—Sweet Tea. While not exclusive to Texas, the oldest written recipe for sweet tea was written by a Texan in 1879, thus the Texas claim to fame.

Other prizes include Pace’s Picante Sauce, made in Texas since 1947 and now produced in Paris, Texas, plus Russell Stover chocolate candy, Snickers, Skittles, and Starbursts, currently manufactured in Corsicana or Waco, Texas.

The last play of the evening was a black-out game, with first and second-place prizes that included Fritos and Wolf Brand Chili, both invented in Texas and the main ingredients for the famous Texas dish, Frito Pie.

Club members ended the evening with the traditional picture in front of the Texas state flag.

The Texas Club of SBR was founded in 2019 and sponsors several social events for members annually. The club welcomes all who were born in or lived in the Lone Star State of Texas. If you are a Rancher who was born in Texas or “got there as fast you could,” and are interested in joining the Texas Club, please contact Janelle Authur at her email address listed in the Ranch resident directory on the HOA website.

Club members Jim Jensen and Janelle Authur were event co-chairs.