Ranch Western Dancers Step Out to the Music of Mamma Coal

Janelle Authur

Seventy Ranch Western dancers and guests stepped and stomped to the country music of the Mamma Coal Band on Oct. 7th in the Sol Ballroom.

It was the first appearance for the Mamma Coal Band at the SBR Social Dance Club’s monthly Western dance. Lead singer Carra Stasney, aka Mamma Coal, is fairly new to the Tucson music community, but has already established herself as a well-respected performer and songwriter. She performs regularly at Tucson country music nightclubs, including The Maverick and Whiskey Roads, as well as a variety of other local venues.

The band played a mix of favorite country songs and originals composed by Mamma Coal and featured in her upcoming album, Dance Hall Crush. Dancers filled the dance floor, stepping out to the two-step, swing, cha cha, waltz, Western partner pattern, and few of the most familiar Western line dances. The evening ended with the Western dances’ traditional end-of-evening waltz partner pattern dance, “I Love You Arizona.”

The club sponsors Western dances with live bands monthly. Popular Tucson-area band Patrick Rayl and the .357 Band will return on Friday, Nov. 4, and Wild Ride will close out the year on Wednesday, Dec. 7. Stay tuned for the 2023 lineup!

All the Western dances also feature a raffle, with entry requirements that change each month—such as cowboy boots or hats, wearing a specific color, or, for the October dance, wearing orange and black in celebration of Halloween and fall. The October winner, Rancher resident Annette Aspeotis, won two free tickets to the November dance.

All levels of dancers are welcome at the monthly dances and newer dancers are encouraged to “come on down” and practice their newly acquired skills. Given the popularity of the Western dances and size of the dance floor, registration is limited to 80 dancers.

The club also sponsors monthly rock and roll and social dances, featuring a DJ, as well as a variety of dance lessons. Country-Western lessons offered from September through mid-November included Beginning and Intermediate Arizona Two-Step, Partner Pattern, and the Western Waltz.

For details on upcoming lessons in 2023 and/or to register for the dances and lessons, go to the club’s website at www.sbrsbdc.club.

Information on the dances and lessons is emailed directly to club members and those on the club’s mailing list approximately four weeks before the dance and/or lessons start date. Details are also included through a link in the weekly Ranch Reminder. Registration opens four weeks before the event.