Ranchette Putters February News

Left to right: Lynn Wagner, Corky Mansmith, Vickie Thomson, Monica Forgey, Marilyn Heasley, Linda Noble, Andrea Cothran, Jan Junkin, Beth Wilson, Sandy Getter, Evie Falk, Lu Legel

Pat Albu

The Ranchette Putters were steadfast during the continued cool February weather. We had impressive low numbers and many holes-in-one! The following women were celebrated in February:

Lowest Gross Avg: Evie Falk, 34.0

2nd Lowest Gross Avg: Jan Junkin, 34.66

3rd Lowest Gross Avg: (tie) Marilyn Heasley and Barbara Saffran, 35.667

Lowest Net Avg: Vickie Thomson, 33.33

2nd Lowest Net Avg: Joyce Cox, 35.267

3rd Lowest Net Avg: Sharon Steen, 35.550

HolesinOne (6 or more for the month)

6: Mary Anderson, Andrea Cothran, Cyndi Hammonds, Lu Legel, Corky Mansmith

7: Monica Forgey, Nancy Tagge, Lynn Wagner, Jodi Walker-Lowe, Beth Wilson

8: Linda Noble, Barbara Saffran

9: Sandy Getter, Marilyn Heasley

10: Jan Junkin, Evelyn Silver

12: Evie Falk