Ranchette Putters Learn  from the SBR Pros

Pam Engelhardt

Twenty Ranchette Putters signed up for a free lesson from SaddleBrooke Ranch (SBR) Mike Jahaske and Ken Steinke. The Ranchette Putters listened to Mike give the fundamentals of the putting stroke, after which they practiced on the putting green while Mike and Ken went around to help all the members. Over an hour and a half of instruction, the Ranchette Putters were able to perform several holes-in-one! Thanks to Mike and Ken, the Ranchette Putters will be prepared for their upcoming tournament.

September Award Winners

Lowest Gross Average: Doris Carlin—33.500

Second Lowest Gross Average: (tied) Mary Anderson, Sandy Getter, Linda Noble, and Norma Tanner—34.500

Third Lowest Gross Average: Marilyn Heasley—35.000

Lowest Net Average: Jodi Walker-Lowe—32.800

Second Lowest Net Average: Lynn Wagner—32.900

Third Lowest Net Average: Vicki Thompson—34.800

Six or More Holes-In-One

Mary Anderson, Doris Carlin, Gillian Cook, Carol Epina, Debi Flanagan, Linda Noble, and Lynn Wagner—Six holes-in-one

Jodi Walker-Lowe—Seven holes-in-one

Jacque Hendricks—Eight holes-in-one

Sandy Getter—Nine holes-in-one

We also want to note that one of our new sponsors was left out of last month’s article. We apologize and hope that our members will patronize Hombres Barbershop at SBR La Hacienda. Thank you for your support. Without our sponsors, there would not be a Ranchette Putters club.