Ranchette Putters Monthly Awards

May award winners: Trish Minard, Sue Marx, Doris Carlin, and Audrey Gelb

June award winners: Corky Mansmith, Cathy Ratliff, Amy Donaldson, Jacque Hendricks, Susie Morrill, Mary Anderson, Jackie Boll, and Pam Engelhardt

The following members were recognized for their fantastic putting skills for the months of May and June.

May Awards

Lowest Gross Average: Mary Schlachter, 36.333

Second Lowest Gross Average: Linda Nobel and Mary Anderson, 37.250

Third Lowest Gross Average: Jean Sticha, 37.333

Lowest Net Average: Debra Van Tassel, 34.400

Second Lowest Net Average: Elizabeth Larson, 35.375

Third Lowest Net Average: Joyce Cox, 35.750

Six or More HolesinOne for the Month:

Doris Carlin, Sandy Getter, Sue Marx, Evelyn Silver, Debra Van Tasse, 6

Mary Anderson, Joyce Cox, Audrey Gelb, 7

Trish Minard, Valeria Zupancic, 8

June Awards

Lowest Gross Average: Amy Donaldson, Pam Engelhardt, Corky Mansmith, 36.333

Second Lowest Gross Average: Cindy Kreis, 37.333

Third Lowest Gross Average: Jacque Hendricks, 37.667

Lowest Net Average: Susie Morrill, 33.700

Second Lowest Net Average: Cathy Ratliff, 34.167

Third Lowest Net Average: Jackie Boll, 35.90

Only a few monthly winners were available for the pictures.

Congratulations to all!