Ranchette Putters Name March Winners

Left to right, back row: Sandy Buonarigo, Joyce Cox, Pat Albu, Andrea Cothran, Linda Noble, Monica Forgey, Doris Carlin, Sandy Getter, Sue Marx, Mary Anderson, Evie Falk; bottom row: Mary Anne Frelund, April Wollack, Cyndi Hammonds, Corky Mansmith

Pat Albu

Despite some lousy weather we had in March, the hardy Putters came out and showed their prowess on the putting green! We had lots of winners for the month. Congratulations to you all!

March Gross Prizes: Lowest Average: Barb Keller 34.33; Second Lowest: Doris Carlin 35.00; Third Lowest: Mary Anderson 35.25

March Net Prizes: Lowest Average: Andrea Cothran 35.45; Second Lowest Joane Keane 35.50; Third Lowest Mary Anne Frelund 35.65


Six or more for the month:

6: Susan Eggleston, Sandy Getter, Kristin Marada, Linda Noble, Monica Schellinger, Sharon Steen, April Wollack

7: Pat Albu, Joyce Cox, Karen Derdzinske, Joan Keane, Evelyn Silver, Norma Tanner

8: Amy Donaldson, Mary Anne Frelund, Barb Keller, Corky Mansmith

9: Sandy Buonarigo, Doris Carlin, Evie Falk, Carolyn Kane, Nancy Tagge

10: Monica Forgey, Marilyn Heasley, Elaine Goedde, Sue Marx

11: Cyndi Hammonds

13: Andrea Cothran

15: Mary Anderson