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Sandy Jessop

Top 10 Reasons to be Proud of Having Cancer

We typically talk about having cancer as negative, scary, and painful. But let’s not forget about the positive impacts cancer can have in our lives!

Our SBR Cancer Support Group identifies a survivor as anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer. Whether that diagnosis came 10 years ago or 10 days ago, you are and will always be a survivor.

If you are a survivor or know a survivor, take a look at the top 10 reasons to be proud of having cancer:

10. Wrinkle pride. You can honestly say, “I’ve worked hard for my wrinkles and I’m proud of them!”

9. Becoming a winner. You can honestly call yourself a “winner” and mean it (some of us are double or triple winners)!

8. Playing the “C” card. You can use the “C” card from time to time to get what you want (don’t overuse this rather sneaky, manipulative one!).

7. Having greater appreciation for life. You can value life more as you feel a new sense of vulnerability to death. Being sick teaches you to appreciate every single day and take nothing for granted.

6. Living life with laughter. You learn the positive power of laughter and kindness. In our family, the rule was, and still is, to laugh at least 40 times a day. It really works!

5. Becoming an inspiration. You can become an inspiration (to others) as you live each day to its fullest potential.

4. Improved relations with others. Living with cancer may deepen connections with family and/or friends. For instance, you may grow closer to your spouse or partner by supporting each other. It may also be easier to connect with other people who have had a traumatic event.

3. Giving a gift to your children. You teach your children that life isn’t perfect, but challenges are part of life and you decide how to approach those challenges.

2. New life experiences and friendships. A cancer diagnosis may change your priorities. As a result, you may make different life choices, such as retirement, travel, etc. And you meet great peopleother survivors!

1. A sense of personal strength. Some people report that they have more mental strength and feel empowered. This can result from feeling proud of what you have accomplished and lived through.

The Cancer Support Group meets quarterly throughout the year, as well as connects people as needed for emotional support, as well as helping each other with food, rides, etc. as needed during treatment.

For more information, connect with us on GroupWorks or contact Sandy Jessop at [email protected] or 520-686-4566.