Residents select the wines to be served at Bistro Viente

Steve Weiss

A non-political election was held at La Hacienda Club in the early evening on Friday, January 23, where the homeowners were asked to resolve the serious business of which wines should be served at the Bistro Viente as house red and white wines for the upcoming year. Although many of the attendees said that they have never tasted a wine they have not enjoyed, they tried their very best to make an informed decision by drinking all of the sample wines that were served to them. The winning wines chosen by the homeowners were Castle Rock Pinto Noir and Guenoc Sauvignon Blanc.

To help the homeowners make an informed decision when filling out their ballot, the Bistro secured the services of an experienced wine connoisseur, Emilie Bain. Emilie, who is a sales representative from Yungs Market in Tucson, made an interesting presentation. She spoke with the enthusiasm of a person who grew up and spent her entire life in the wine and spirit business. She helped her parents in their bar and grill while she was in high school and college. After college she worked only in the spirit and wine business.

In addition to sampling wines, a complete meal was served after the wine tasting. The Bistro staff prepared a wonderful meal consisting of steamed vanilla rice, peanut chicken, garlic ginger stir fried vegetables, vegetable egg rolls and for desert lemon cream cake. For $15 each guest received not only a great meal but also about four half glasses of wine for the sampling and one full glass of wine with dinner. There goes the Robson community profits.

There are plans for future wine tasting events. One is being planned for the end of February or the beginning of March. It might include liquor or beer tasting. “We’re looking into different options,” Caroline Reis, Bistro Manager, was heard saying. Also that the next presentation of spirits may have cheese and bread offered in place of a meal so that the sampled spirit is emphasized rather than the meal. Clearly the Bistro is looking into different options. So let your Bistro staff know what you would like. Is anyone up for a Tequila tasting party?