Restaurant Dining-Out Club to hold rotation in November

This past year many new friendships were developed in the Restaurant Dining-Out Club. The Restaurant Dining-Out Club is made up of SaddleBrooke Ranch residents. The purpose of this club is to provide a way for its members to socialize with and to meet other SB Ranch resident-members. Membership in the Dining-Out Club is open to all residents of SB Ranch. The club is appropriate for single members as well as couples.

Since we have been together for at least one year, many of our members would like to meet more people and have new experiences. The club will have its first annual rotation in November. The rotation is not mandatory as some members in a table may want to continue with their table for another year. However, if there are some members at that table who want to rotate and there is space available, that table may be assigned new members.

Each group of 10 couples is called a “table.” There are currently eight tables. Usually people belong to only one table, but some are members of more than one table and host once a year for each of their tables. Each table meets once a month. The hosting couple selects a restaurant, notifies the other members of the group and hosts the group back at their home after the meal.

Any member interested in rotating or dropping for next year should let their table captain know by November 1. The random drawing assigning tables will take place on Thursday, November 20 at 4:00 p.m. in the Bistro. Anyone interested in learning their assignment at that time is invited to attend. An email sent after the drawing will notify members of their table assignment. The year starts January 1, 2015 for the new assignments.

If anyone is interested in joining or asking information about membership, they should contact Linda Harvey at  [email protected].