The Gardeners Exchange: The Saguaro Story

Snow in SaddleBrooke Ranch. undefined

Snow in SaddleBrooke Ranch.

The Gardeners Exchange will present “The Saguaro Story” Wednesday, November 19, 2014 at 1:00 p.m. in the La Mesa Room of the La Hacienda Club of SaddleBrooke Ranch.

Join Doris Evans and The Gardeners Exchange for an informative talk on the life and times of our Sonoran Desert’s most unique plant – The Giant Saguaro. Doris will answer such questions as: How old is that cactus? Who made the holes in that saguaro? How many arms can they grow? How tall can they be? These are questions you and your out-of-town guests may have asked as you observed our magnificent icon of the Sonoran Desert. This program follows the life of a saguaro: its growth, survival in a desert environment, its association with animals and much more.

The Gardeners Exchange is dedicated to providing horticultural information for newcomers to desert landscaping. Bring your questions; bring your answers; bring your garden challenges; bring your excess plants to share. All are welcome.