Riders Enjoy the Trail with Beautiful Mountain Vistas

Left to right: Christine Lee, Kaye McMillan, Rebecca Williams, Debbie Trapp, and Anna Stephano

Rebecca Williams

Sixteen riders of the Horseback Riding Group enjoyed a warm, but pretty morning ride down the Tanque Verde Wash on Sept. 14. The riders were in two groups, riding at separate times, to give all riders a chance to spread out and enjoy the ride. After meeting at the trailhead, the groups entered the wide trail where riders could enjoy towering vegetation on either side of the wash. Upon the return to the trailhead, there were magnificent views of the Rincon Mountains. It was wonderful to see these pretty mountains.

The group rode at Tucson Mountain Stables on Oct. 14th. This stable uses the same trails as the White Stallion Dude Ranch in Marana.

The riding group will be headed to Donnelly’s in Gold Canyon on Nov. 11. With nice views of the Superstition Mountains and Phoenix to the west, this is a favorite spot for the group, albeit a bit further drive to get there.

If you would be interested in the group’s activities, go to the SaddleBrooke Ranch HOA website (saddlebrookeranchhoa.org), select “Things to do,” and “Clubs.” There in the middle column is a link to the “Horseback Riding Group.” Click on that and the link you see will take you to a web page about the group’s activities. Over to the right side, you can see the “Read News” section for upcoming rides. If you would like to participate, simply click on the link “Contact Us” at the top above “News,” give your name, the ride you want to join, and the time if there is a choice. The secretary, Rebecca Williams, will get back to you with a confirmation and can help with any questions you may have. You can participate as often as you choose. All rides are one hour and at a walk, just to enjoy the scenery.