SaddleBrooke CycleMasters Bike Round-up Huge Success

Photo by Marty Herbert

Lynette Herbert

A big thank you to all SaddleBrooke and SaddleBrooke Ranch residents for your generosity during our Bike Round-up Saturday, Jan. 18, donating a record 110 bicycles as well as helmets, parts, tires, tubes, bike racks, tools, etc. The bikes and accessories were equally distributed to two well deserving Tucson Charities, Wheels-for-Kids and B.I.C.U.S. of Tucson.

We received a gracious thank you from Tom Terfehr of Wheels for Kids stating “…what a difference they (the bikes) will make to so many in Tucson. You guys did a masterful job organizing this event, publicizing it, and executing it. Such generosity – yours and the bike donors – just warms my heart.”

An event of this size takes many months of planning and organization.

A special thanks goes out to B.J. Murray, Craig Benson, Tom Erb, Bob Salas, and Steve Aiken for their dedication to its success. Thank you also to all CycleMasters for contributing your time so generously.

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