SaddleBrooke Marketplace update

Brian Harpel, Director of Development

We were recently informed by Fry’s Food Stores that construction on the SaddleBrooke Marketplace store has been temporarily postponed. The SaddleBrooke Marketplace store is one of several Fry’s projects across the state that have been placed on hold, along with several other Kroger (Fry’s parent company) stores across the country, while Kroger works through some internal issues.

This news was delivered to The Pederson Group as crews are in the final phase of preparing the Fry’s pad for construction. That preparation progress will continue, to ensure the pad is ready when Fry’s re-commences the project.

While we are disappointed by this news, we maintain that this is just a delay in the project and remain committed to see it to completion.

As always, we thank you for your invaluable support of SaddleBrooke Marketplace. We will continue to provide timely updates as new information becomes available.