SaddleBrooke Ranch Peer Cancer Support Group

Sandy Jessop

A support group is a group of people who gather to share common problems and experiences associated with a particular problem, condition, illness or personal circumstance. In a peer support group people are able to talk with other folks who are like themselves—people who truly understand what they’re going through and can share the type of practical insights that can only come from firsthand experience.

Some common characteristics of support groups include:

They are made up of peers, people who are all directly affected by a particular issue, illness or circumstance

They usually have a professional or volunteer discussion leader or facilitator

They tend to be fairly small in size to better allow everyone a chance to talk

Attendance is voluntary

Why join our support group(s)?

There are many benefits to peer support groups. Cancer support groups can provide a safe place where people affected by cancer are able to give and receive support; feel less isolated; feel heard and understood by empathetic people; develop friendships; learn how other people are coping; share thoughts and ideas; and listen to each other in a non-judgmental and caring way.

Support groups can also help participants become more informed about cancer-related topics, such as treatments, side effects, exercise and nutrition, relationships and life after cancer.

The SaddleBrooke Ranch Cancer Support Groups will be separated into two groups, which will meet monthly. A combined meeting will also occur once a month.

Survivor Support Group

The day you are diagnosed with cancer you become a survivor. Whether that diagnosis came 10 years ago or 10 days ago, you are and will always be a survivor. This group lets survivors have candid discussions without the usual concerns that may accompany speaking freely with loved ones in the room.

Talking with people you can relate to will help you manage the physical, emotional and practical challenges cancer brings. You can also inspire others with your story.

Co-Survivor (friends and family) Support Group

As a friend or family member of someone who has been diagnosed with cancer, your challenges are great and often misunderstood. Being someone who is there to lend support from diagnosis through treatment and beyond is considered a co-survivor.

Co-survivors, like survivors, need their own network of others to speak freely and openly, provide emotional support to one another in a non-threatening and private environment. Whether you come to listen or share, this support group is there for you.

Combined Survivor and Co-Survivor Support Group

Although these two groups will meet separately, having a monthly meeting for both survivors and co-survivors can create a sense of unity and fulfillment to everyone involved.

These informal support groups will be available three times per month:

Meeting Days:

Combined Survivor and Co-Survivor Support Group: First Tuesday of each month.

Survivor Support Group: Third Tuesday of each month.

Co-Survivor (friends and family) Support Group: Fourth Tuesday of each month.

Meeting Times: 6:30 – 8:30p.m.

Location: La Hacienda Clubhouse

For more information please contact SaddleBrooke Ranch resident Sandy Jessop at [email protected] or 248-788-2285.