SaddleBrooke Ranch Residents Participate in Rescue and Recovery Demo

Mike Quinn explaining how to double the pull of a winch by using a snatch block

SaddleBrooke Off Road Bunch members recently received instruction in off-road rescue and recovery.

The demonstration included discussions of overall safety during a recovery operation, safe techniques in using recovery equipment (winches, hooks, tow straps, snatch blocks, shackles, etc.), change of direction winching, doubling the pull power of a winch, and re-spooling the winch line correctly on the winch.

The SaddleBrooke Off Road Bunch was formed in 2002 to further the enjoyment of off-road driving, provide social experiences for its members, and protect public lands.

Membership is open to any person who owns a high clearance 4-wheel drive vehicle (mostly Jeeps) and is a resident of SaddleBrooke or SaddleBrooke Ranch. You are welcome to contact Tom or Janice Hynes for further information at 309-236-3879.