SBR Lady Niners Host AGA Presentation

Board luncheon

Constance Garrison

The Lady Niners invited Anj Brown of the Arizona Golf Association (AGA) to address our club on March 22. She provided information about the organization and the benefits to SBR Lady Niners. Prior to the presentation, Lady Niners from the board of directors enjoyed a luncheon with Anj at the Ranch House Grill to show our appreciation.

Anj informed us that the AGA is celebrating 100 years, established in 1923! They currently have 90,000 members, and women are now the fastest-growing demographic in golf!

Among many perks, the organization has travel programs to some of the best destinations in and out of the country … from the popular short trips to Mexico to international trips to Europe and golf treasures like Scotland, South Carolina, and Florida.

On a special note, the AGA is having the first Pinehearst Adaptive Open for people with disabilities of all types—for these people, “it’s a dream come true.”

Following the presentation, we had a raffle drawing with several door prizes for attendees. SBR Niners currently has 98 members.

AGA members are experiencing the best that golf has to offer worldwide!