SaddleBrooke Ranch Social Dance Club in Full Swing!

SaddleBrooke Ranch Social Dance Club officers

Carol Osgood

The SaddleBrooke Ranch Social Dance Club (SBRSDC) was started in January 2019 by John Hess and Mark Holden as copresidents and club officers. John Green joined the club in June 2019 as secretary/treasurer and completed the trio of officers.

We are all so thankful for their hard work, insight, and fulfillment for many of us to have an all-encompassing dance club!

We now have more than 210 members, and there are five dance groups to offer our residents. The dance groups and support persons are:

* Social Ballroom: John Hess, Diane Seyl, Angela Jerman

* Country/Western: Bob and Janelle Authur, Bob and Diane Johns

* Rock and Roll: Tim Schaal, Doreen Reynolds, Anna Ung

* Line Dancing: Jacque Hendricks, Diane Seyl, Angela Jerman

* Argentine Tango: Mark and Sandy Holden

The webmaster is Tim Schaal, and promotion is headed by Dan Smejkal. Carol Osgood heads up sponsorship and supports many of the groups. Many other residents contribute to the success of the club.

Each group has monthly dances, and there are weekly dance lessons. Also, there are other fun events during the year such as movie and group sing-alongs and trivia nights. Everyone is welcome. Join the club for discounts on all club events!

Check the club website at to sign up online for all scheduled classes and dances. The website includes the club calendar of events, registration, contact information, videos, music, and much more.