Tennis Couple in the Spotlight: Meet Ed Kupcis and Linda Inhelder

Ed Kupcis and Linda Inhelder

Deb McGiboney

Ed Kupcis and Linda Inhelder came to the Ranch in March 2018 from Seattle, Wash. They bought a house within easy walking distance to all the facilities, including the tennis courts. At the invitation of their neighbor, Linda started playing in early 2019. She took regular lessons in what, at the time, were called the “beginner clinics.” She has since improved her skills and is currently a 3.0 player.

Ed started playing in early 2020 when most facilities, including the gym, were closed due to COVID-19 restrictions. He has taken lessons regularly at what is now called the “tennis fundamentals development clinic” and the “tennis stroke development clinic.” He is currently a 2.5 player.

You can see Ed and Linda on the tennis courts several times a week.