SaddleBrooke Republican Club Candidates Scheduled

Douglas Wolf

This coming November, all statewide political offices are on the ballot, plus a United States Senate race. Arizona primary voting is Aug. 2, which will determine the final candidate slate. The SaddleBrooke Republican Club will be hosting Republican candidates on the following dates:

Tuesday, March 8: Andrew Gould, candidate for attorney general; Paola Tulliani Zen, candidate for governor; and Anna Orth, candidate for Arizona state representative.

Tuesday, April 12: Kimberly Yee, candidate for governor; Michelle Ugenti, candidate for Secretary of State; and Mark Brnovich, candidate for United States Senate.

Tuesday, May 10: Steve Gaynor, candidate for governor; Jeff Weninger, candidate for state treasurer; and Blake Masters, candidate for United States Senate.

All meetings will be held at the DesertView Theatre, and doors open at 3 p.m. For more information, visit the club website at