A Big Improvement Is in the Works

The former Tri-Community Food Bank warehouse space in Mammoth.

Rosemary Douglas

Last November, the Tri-Community Food Bank (TCFB) lost its warehouse storage space. The warehouse space, located on Main Street in Mammoth, had been used by TCFB to store nonperishable food supplies for at least 20 years. The Pinal County building, which housed our storage area, was deemed to be unsafe and TCFB was required to vacate the premises.

The old warehouse space had no electricity or other facilities, and a vehicle was required to transport stored food to and from the Food Bank building. All of our nonperishable food supplies are now temporarily stored in the TCFB building, making it overcrowded and difficult to organize.

Currently, a construction project is underway to erect a new warehouse on the TCFB site, directly behind the Food Bank building. The new warehouse will have electrical outlets, lights, and a fan. It will be easily accessed from two sides by our van, and by food carts via a ramp from the Food Bank building. There will be ample storage space for the large pallets of food that we receive from the United Food Bank, as well as for food donations from food drives.

Construction of this new improved warehouse is only possible because of our generous donors. In particular, during the 2021 SBCO Food Drive SaddleBrooke and SaddleBrooke Ranch residents contributed to TCFB at an unprecedented rate.

Many hungry families, singles, and seniors in Oracle, San Manuel, Mammoth, and Dudleyville will benefit by our ability to better store food and to accept more food supplies. Stay tuned for a picture of the new warehouse, once it has been completed.

The Tri-Community Food Bank is an IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation and an Arizona Qualifying Charitable Organization. Our mailing address is P.O. Box 38, Mammoth, 85618. The Food Bank is an all-volunteer organization.