SaddleBrooke Republican Club meeting highlights

Patricia Tarner

The MountainView Ballroom overflowed with an eager audience as Barry Webb shared his PowerPoint presentation dealing with the current issues of terrorism that threaten the safety and security of the United States as well as the world at large. Mr. Webb’s presentation covered the basic theological underpinnings of Islamic terrorism, the difference between moderates and radicals, the strategic differences between al-Qaeda and ISIS, hints of what the future of terrorism will look like and why our political leaders are incapable of connecting the dots on these issues.

Barry Webb, in addition to his career as a NSA Arabic translator, has lived, worked and studied in the Middle East, has an MA in Ancient History, an MA in Middle Eastern Studies and has read the Qur’an front to back numerous times. Since retirement from the NSA, Barry has continued to stay informed about the spread of terrorism with increasing alarm. This alarm has led him to write a pair of political thrillers and a newly released non-fiction book documenting all the reasons why America and its allies are losing the war on terror.

Mr. Webb will return in January to the SaddleBrooke Republican Club meeting to share a slide presentation on his three books based on the war on terror.