Sailing at SaddleBrooke Ranch? Yep!

Nick Rau

For those of you who are interested in sailing radio-controlled (RC) sailboats or would just like to come out and watch, it is fun, it is social, it is competitive, and it can lead to doing some boat building if that is your thing.

We are starting an RC Sailboat Club at the Ranch!

We will be sailing in the SaddleBrooke Ranch pond. This is a great venue to sail these boats due to the wide open area and good wind we generally see here.

We are sailing Soling 1 Meter sailboats that are actual scaled-down versions of full-sized boats that are raced all over the world. These boats are reasonably simple, great to sail, and are part of the largest RC sailing fleet in the nation. The idea is that we all sail the same kind of boat (one design). This makes for fun, friendly races and builds skill levels.

Lunch on the green? Yes, we have beautiful lawns to picnic on, or we can walk to the clubhouse for lunch. Life is good—come and join us! I have belonged to an RC sailing club in the past, and it was a lot of fun!

This new club will be open to SaddleBrooke Ranch and SaddleBrooke residents. If you have an interest in joining, please drop me a note at [email protected].