SBCO help us help our kids

Nan Nasser

For many years SaddleBrooke Community Outreach has been recycling aluminum cans to help support our programs for needy children in neighboring communities. We have worked well with Tucson Iron and Metal and recently received a note saying that our current receipt for $840 should have been for $1,440, but there was so much trash in the roll-off bin that it had to be discounted from the total weight.

Help us help our kids! Please place only aluminum cans in the dumpster. If you bring them to the bin in a plastic bag, please take the bag home. Despite all the signs around the dumpster as well as the poster on the step, people tend to use this as a place to discard all types of garbage.

We encourage you to check with your current garbage contractor to see what types of aluminum products are appropriate for at-home disposal. The loss of revenue can affect the kids in a reduced number of clothing items, hygiene items, even books.

The recycle bin is located in the pickleball parking lot off of Ridgeview Avenue, below the RV storage area. SBCO provides clothing to youngsters in a 100-mile corridor beginning in Catalina and extending to the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation. Our education program includes tutoring, scholarships and support of enrichment programs. We support the Tri Community Food Bank with our annual community food drive and additional financial donations during the year.