SBR Armchair Travel Club: The first year a huge success

Carol Fielding

The first year of the SBR Armchair Travel Club kicked off in January 2018 with almost 100 SBR residents attending a presentation by Mark and Arlene Wong on their Safari to Tanzania and travels to northern Italy. The year ended in December when Kurt and Vicki Warning took us to the Amalfi Coast and Piedmonte, Italy where they started their travels in Milan before embarking on a Food and Wine Tour through Piedmonte.

And where did we go in-between? How about 11 countries on seven continents!

-Tanzania Safari and Northern Italy with Mark and Arlene Wong

-Antarctica with Kerstin Seifert

-Snorkeling with Humpback Whales in Tonga with Elmer and Karen Klavetter

-Spain/Portugal with Pilar Borm

-Greek Orthodox Monastery in Arizona with Linda Shannon-Hills

-Ireland with Mark and Jean Morgan

-Iceland with Niel and Jan Christiansen

-Mediterranean Cruise with Mark and Jean Morgan

-New Zealand with Carol and Tom Andrews

-Peru with Don and Leslie Fore

-Nepal with Harvey and Bonnie Goldman

-Vietnam/Cambodia with Donald and Linda Mamula

-Amalfi Coast/Piedmonte Italy with Vicki and Kurt Warning

Special thanks go out to our volunteer presenters, all residents of the Ranch, who gave of their time and talent to put together slide shows, YouTube videos, DVDs and PowerPoint presentations of their travels to share with those of us who desire to travel to those places, want to be inspired to travel or just want to learn and see where our fellow residents have gone to in their travels around the world.

Each month on the first Saturday, we meet in the LaMesa/LaMontana Rooms at the Hacienda Clubhouse from 5:00-6:30 p.m. Armchair Travel means just that. Come and grab a comfy chair and enjoy what our neighbors and friends are willing to share about their travels.

And what’s in store for 2019 so far?

-Eastern Europe (Greece, Ukraine, Hungary) with Carol and Billy Mihal

-Israel with Steve and Sherry Weiss

-African Safari with Dick and Sandy Getter

-Sicily/Italy (possibly England) with Duane and Paula Roggow

-Poland with Alastair and Helga Stone

-Argentina/Chile with Dick and Sandy Getter

-China with Gene and Lori Round

We welcome all SBR residents to join us! If you would like to be on our email list or would like to volunteer to do a presentation, please contact Carol Fielding at [email protected]